What is a Lent?

For 40 days and nights (not counting Sundays), Christians around the world take on a mantle of spiritual discipline as a way of deepening their faith in God. Observing Lent looks different for every believer, though fasting is usually a major factor. Some choose to fast in the traditional way, giving up a meal or certain types of foods. Others, after evaluating their lifestyle, determine to give up luxuries in order to focus more on their walk with our Heavenly Father, such as turning off the television or radio for Lent or cutting back on their sleep to devote the early morning hours to prayer and Scripture reading.

Why Lent Devotionals?

We want you to connect with God and with each other in a deeper way during these 40 days. We don't want you to just give up something - We want you to add something into your life. These devotionals are done by you and others in our church to help you go deeper in your faith and to spur you on by the testimony of others.

How do I write a Lent Devotional?

This year our Lent Devotionals will be focusing on the theme "Shepherd." Specifically we are looking at Psalm 23. We want you to search the scriptures and prepare your own devotional on this topic. You can use Psalm 23 or other passages to reference are Isaiah 40, Ezekiel 34:11-16, John 10:1-18, Hebrews 13:20, 1 Peter 5:1-4, and Revelation 7:16-17. With the scripture you can also share a personal story, you can use a story you've heard, or you can just dissect the scripture you've chosen. Everyone has their own writing style but God has a beautiful way of using each style to speak to each person. The only thing we ask is that you try and and keep each devotional to 250 words. Here is an example of last years lent devotionals.